Detour Gel Rat Repellent is a new technology


Detour Gel Rat Repellent is a new technology and the rats need to step into the gel and they will get the chili gel onto their fur, nose, eyes, and behind and they will think they are on fire and leave

It is a war because the rats have found food, shelter, and water where your issue is so we need to make sure the Detour Gel Rat Repellent is wherever the rats are traveling... our product does not fail when applied properly... we would love to help... the product stays active and works indoors for 3 years when applied on non-porous surfaces or vinyl tile that can be moved around so you have 3 years to fight these rats but will not take that long when applied properly to drive the rats out with the hot chili (capsaicin)
Remember since this is their home now and if you get stubborn rats you will have to keep the Detour Gel Rat Repellent onto the areas they are traveling and moving about so a vinyl tile cut to the area your placing for the rats works well or use 16-ounce beverage lids and turn them upside down and place gel on top... the more areas you can place the Detour Gel Rat Repellent the better it works.. you now have. A powerful tool to go after the rats... even pest control operators cannot do a better job because you know where the rats are traveling and are a great alternative to when the rats become trap shy?
Are they in the attic, kitchen, bathrooms, walls, basement, let’s go after them and hunt them down... remember it might take a few days for them to get into the gel but they will eventually because of their natural curiosity and foraging behaviors

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