Detour gel rat repellent is amazing!!!

Detour gel rat repellent is amazing!!! I have been present with pest control operators when the Entomologists for the companies have given us impossible situations for rats, birds , cockroaches... and it has worked every time.. even in situations where Bobby Corrigan has told the customer the building has been built incorrectly and there is no way to get the rats out .. detour removed them all.. the best thing about our products are the birds,rats, cockroaches, deliver our gel to their harborage and expose the other pests with the grease that has the capsaicin ... for the arthropods the gel melts their cuticle and the capsaicin disrupts their central nervous system like an insecticide and for the rodents the gel gets on their feet, fur , nose and mouth and eyes and they think they are on fire and vacate the area or into traps because they make mistakes and for the bats, birds the gel gets on their feet and into their anus and their butts are on fire from the capsaicin and that breaks any homing instincts and fly up to 2.1 miles away



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