Real world-tested for over 10 years

The Detour Gel Rat Repellent 2 Caulking Tubes are an environmentally friendly and humane way to get rid of rat and mice problems fast! Our pest control gel is an EPA-Registered, NSF-Certified, US-Patented, 100% non-toxic, all-weather contact repellent that has been proven to deter and repel rats and mice from a home, business, workplace, factory, warehouse, and other buildings & structures. This repellent is made from pharmaceutical-grade organic capsaicin and our proprietary food-grade mineral oil formula. This gel stays powerful and effective for over 12 months.

  • Real world-tested for over 10 years
  • Pest control solution has 100% non-toxic ingredients
  • EPA-Registered & NSF-Certified safe
  • All-Weather U.S. patented gel formula that won't melt, freeze or drip
  • Rat repellent caulking tubes are guaranteed to work when used as directed
  • To the extent consistent with applicable law, BRSI warrants that this product conforms to the chemical description on the product label and is reasonably fit when used in accordance with the directions for use; however, it is impossible to eliminate all risks inherently associated with the use of this product; this warranty does not extend to the use of this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling or when used under abnormal conditions, such as adverse weather conditions and presence of other materials; these factors are beyond the control of BRSI or the Seller; all such risks shall be assumed by the buyer; to the extent consistent with applicable law, BRSI makes no other express or implied warranty and it expressly excludes and disclaims all implied warranties of fitness or merchantability for a particular purpose; to the extent consistent with applicable law, BRSI or the seller are not liable for consequential, special, or indirect damages resulting from the use or handling of this product


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