Product Informational Videos

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1. Introducing PIGNX Bio-Repellent Bird Dishes:
2. Why PIGNX Bio-Repellent Bird Dishes are a No-Brainer:
3.PIGNX Application Video by Chris Acosta:
4. Introducing DeTour Gel Rat Repellent:
5. DeTour Gel Rat Repellent Restaurants Application with Chris Acosta:
6.DeTour Gel Rat Repellent Testimonial with Chris Acosta:
7. Final EPA-Efficacy Test for Detour Gel Rat Repellent:
8.Pest Control Operator’s Testimonial for Detour Gel Rat Repellent:
9. Dr Robert Peters Equi-Stop Testimonial:
10.The unique benefits of DETOUR Gel & PIGNX for Pest Control Operators:
11. Detour Gel Rat Repellent: Use Almost Anywhere
12. Detour Gel Rat Repellent: Change Rodent Behaviour
13. Detour Gel Rat Repellent: Apply Where Rodents Frequent
14. Detour Gel Rat Repellent: The Key Benefits
15. Introducing Detour Gel for Cockroaches:
16.Dr Robert Peters EquiStop Testimonial:
17. EquiStop stops miniature donkeys from chewing:
18.Wood Chewing and Crib Biting Behaviour in Horses study:
19. EquiStop killing biting flies and gnats on horses: