Professional-Grade Pest Control Products

Our EPA-Registered NSF-Certified pest control repellents are 100% toxin-free and have been used by professional pest control operators worldwide for over 15 years. Whether you're dealing with problem rodents or birds, our all-weather natural rodent repellents & bird repellents are environmentally friendly and designed with safety in mind for use both indoors and outdoors.

Bio-Friendly | Humane | Household-Safety

The popularity of safer natural pest control products is increasing every day, with many people preferring to purchase organic rather than chemical items for use around their homes, businesses and workplaces. If you're looking for healthier, environmentally friendly pest control products to use more safely around your pets & children, then we have just what you want and need.

Our Professional-Grade Pest Control Products

Detour Gel for Rats Pipe Tunnel - Rodent Repellent Device

Professional pest control operators have helped us create a "100% Fool-Proof" method to get rid of problematic rats and mice. Our new Detour Gel for Rats Pipe Tunnel is simple to use, economical, non-messy, toxin-free and safely designed to use around pets & children. Use this popular device that professional exterminators helped us design.

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Detour Gel for Rats 10 Ounce Caulking Tube

Detour Gel for Rats 10 Ounce Caulking Tube is an EPA-Registered, NSF-Certified, US-Patented, 100% toxin-free, all-weather contact repellent that has been proven to deter and repel rats and mice from a home, business, office, food preparation area, factory, warehouse, and other structures. Detour Gel stays powerful & effective for over 12 months.

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Special Big Deal: 9 Detour Gel for Rats Pipe Tunnel - Rodent Repellent Devices for Only $99.99

Now is your chance to get rid of your rat and mice problems for good. This package allows you to position plenty of our pipe tunnel rodent repellent devices to cover both the inside and outside of your building structure. Our simple, ready-to-use and no-tools-required pipe tunnels get the job done!

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Detour Gel For Rats 8 Ounce Squeeze Tube

Detour Gel for Rats 8 Ounce Squeeze Tube is a professional-grade, EPA-registered, NSF-Certified, toxin-free, all-weather rodenticide that is specifically designed for easy Do-It-Yourself pest control. Its powerful gel formula is clear, odorless and stainless - features that you won't find in other pesticide gels. Detour Gel stays powerful & effective for over 12 months.

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Detour Gel for Rats Trays

Detour Gel for Rats Trays are effective repellent devices that are made from high-grade mineral oil and pharmaceutical-grade organic capsaicin. Once a rodent has come in contact with the gel, they will avoid or may leave the targeted area entirely. DeTour Gel for Rats elicits a stress response that will lower the rodent’s normal shyness towards new objects. These trays are simple, ready to use & require no tools.

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Detour Gel for Rats 5 Gallon Industrial Size Bucket

For larger projects or multiple buildings, the Detour Gel for Rats 5-Gallon Bucket provides plenty of our Battle-Tested, EPA-Registered and NSF-Certified Detour Gel for Rats. Made from pharmaceutical-grade organic capsaicin and our proprietary food-grade mineral oil formula, this gel stays powerful and effective for 12 months.

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PIGNX Bio-Repellent Bird Gel

PIGNX Bio-Repellent Bird Gel is an EPA-Registered, US Patented, NSF-Certified, toxin-free contact repellent that has been proven to deter pigeons from roosting on buildings, ledges, skylights, signs, billboards, A/C units, balconies & other structures. This unique all-weather gel formula will not melt, freeze or drip in extreme environments.

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Restaurant Rat & Roach Repellent Gel 10 Ounce Tube

Restaurant Rat & Roach Repellent Gel is an industrial-grade bio-pesticide used by professional exterminators worldwide to prevent rodent and cockroach problems in health-sensitive environments. Unlike other pest control repellents, our gel formula Is EPA-Registered,  NSF-Certified, and U.S. Patented.

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Equi-Stop Wood Chewing Repellent Gel for Horses

Equi-Stop Wood Chewing Repellent Gel for Horses is made from pharmaceutical-grade capsaicin and food-grade mineral oil. This repellent gel stays powerful and effective for over 12 months. Equi-Stop is toxin-free and safe to use around horses, barns & stables. Simply apply to where horses chew or gnaw. 

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The Environmentally Friendly and Humane Way to Get Rid of Rat and Mice Problems Fast and for Good!

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The World's Only EPA-Registered & NSF-Certified Bird Repellent

Discover why pest control operators recommend PIGNX Bio-Repellent Bird Gel


Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for your assistance through my first bat job.

My knee jerk reaction with bats has always been to not get involved. Bats being protected and loved, the potential extreme reaction from certain sections of the public, along with little knowledge of any successful control practices are enough to keep even a 20 plus years experienced technician away from anything having to do with bats. After some research and advice from Dr. Ray Thompson about your “green product” I dove into the project here in Marshall Texas. I experienced an eighty percent reduction in bats overnight. A couple of small follow-up applications finished off the job, and the customer and I were very happy. Detour Gel for Rats provided a win, win, win situation for the Marshall Texas, Gecko Pest Control and the bats.

Gecko Pest Control, Marshall, Texas

I Loved working with this product, Richard. I had fantastic results!

The use of this product is completely dynamic and changes what the average Pest Control Operator thinks they know about pest management. Tied in with increased trapping units, it gives us a non-toxic solution that I like. We must set up a call sometime soon.

By Mark Wiseman, Pest Management Consultancy, Chelmsford United Kingdom, Albany Environment Services Limited

This works great for me!!

I have had to use this a couple of times and it works. The squirrels and rats are gone in a couple of days. This gets them out of your house without killing them but they don't come back. This is humane for those concerned - I'm not really concerned, but at least they don't tend to die in your attic. Squirrels are cute but not when they are destroying my house. Just be careful and wear gloves and eye protection. I highly recommend it!

By an online customer on 01/29/2017

I like the Idea!

It came real fast the only thing is that it has a detachable nozzle. but there was not plug like all tube products that we can't store what we don't use right away. and I can't cut the hole for a smaller bead because the detachable nozzle only comes in one size hole. Ill tell you if it keep the mice out setting some traps in a few days to check. Great appears to detour any rodent Thank You!

By Margaret on 09/21/2018