Equi-Stop Wood Chewing Repellent Gel for Horses

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Product Overview:

Equi-Stop is made from pharmaceutical-grade organic capsaicin and our proprietary food-grade mineral oil formula, this gel stays powerful and effective for 12 months Equi-Stop is completely natural and completely safe for the horse. Simply apply to the areas where the horse is or may chew. 


Why Is My Horse Chewing Wood? And How To Stop Them?

Horses chew wood usually due to one or a combination of three main reasons:

1. Boredom or frustration
2. Nutritional imbalances or deficiencies
3. Force of Habit

It is important to realise the specific cause for your horse chewing wood, as there could be underlying issues that need to be addressed. Our chew stop for horse(s) allows you to discourage your horses from chewing wood safely and effectively until you solve the wood chewing permanently.


What Is Equi-Stop?

Equi-Stop is a clinically proven, veterinarian-used and rancher approved 100% natural chewing repellent. It is non-toxic, food-grade mineral oil (the stuff they use to relieve colic) that has been thickened into a grease gel. We then mix in organic capsaicin, which is the ingredient that makes chili peppers HOT. Equi-Stop is completely safe for horses.


What Doess Equi-Stop Do?

It is guaranteed to stop horse chewing, which is a significant problem that affects the health of these animals. Chewing and cribbing also cause damage to trees, barns, fences, posts, and other wooden structures. This can lead to expensive damage and repairs to the property. 


Why Should You Use Equi-Stop?

1. 100% Non-Toxic Ingredients:

Patented food-grade mineral oil mixed with organic capsaicin

2. You Can Apply Equi-Stop On:

Wood, barns, stalls, fences, manes, tails, bandages, trailers, trees, lead ropes

3. Equi-Stop Is Used By:

Horse owners, veterinarians, ranchers, and championship riders

4. Solve Chewing Problems:

Safely stops equine chewing problems, cribbing, and windsucking

5. U.S. Patent Protected: 

Equi-Stop is an all-weather gel formula that won’t freeze, drip, or melt

6. Made In California:

One of the highest standards for environmental and product safety in the world

7. Equi-Stop Works!

We absolutely guarantee the success of this product when used as directed


How To Apply:

Simply apply to the areas where the horses are or where they may chew. A one-half-inch bead of Equi-Stop along the wood is usually enough to stop horses from chewing. For large areas, apply a few parallel beads an inch or two apart. Once the product is applied, you can leave it as a bead or spread it flat with a putty knife. Equi-Stop will keep horses from chewing bandages as well. Please remember that the product will remain as a grease gel, and as such, it is easily transferred to humans, who may come in physical contact with the bandage.


Here's What Bob Peters (Licensed Veterinarian) Said About Equi-Stop: 

"I applied this product to wood fencing on my farm. It immediately stopped all fence chewing. Actually, our horses were still not chewing on the fence months later. In my equine vet practice, I have applied it to the outside of bandages a couple of times now on ‘bandage chewers.’  The same result—its flat stopped them immediately.  This is even more impressive since I have tried grocery store hot sauce products in the past with no effect at all."

 *This product requires a caulking gun to dispense the product.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Capsaicin .0357%
Target pests Horses and other animals
Application To repel horses and other animals from chewing on wood, bandages, or other materials
Shipping Weight 0.76 lbs
Manufacturer PIGNX
UPC 793573098429

Customer Reviews

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Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for your assistance through my first bat job. My knee jerk reaction with bats has always been to not get involved. Bats being protected and loved, the potential extreme reaction from certain sections of the public, along with little knowledge of any successful control practices are enough to keep even a 28 plus years experienced technician away from anything having to do with bats.

After some research and advice from Dr. Ray Thompson about your “green product” I dove into the project here in Marshall Texas. I experienced an eighty percent reduction in bats overnight. A couple of small follow-up applications finished off the job, and the customer and I were very happy. The “Detour for Rodents” provided a win, win, win situation for the City of Marshall Texas, Gecko Pest Control and the bats.

(Detour for Rodents is the same product as the Detour Gel Rat Repellent)

Gecko Pest Control, Marshall, TX.

Loved working with this product Richard I had fantastic results

The use of this product is completely dynamic and changes what the average PCO thinks they know about pest management Tied in with increased trapping units it gives us a non- toxic solution that I like We must set up a call sometime soon.

Mark Wiseman, Pest Management Consultancy, Chelmsford United Kingdom, Albany Environment Services Limited

This works great for me!!

I have had to use this a couple of times and it works. The squirrels/rats are gone in a couple of days. This gets them out of your house without killing them but they don't come back. This is humane for those concerned - I'm not really concerned, but at least they don't tend to die in your attic. Squirrels are cute but not when they are destroying my house. Just be careful and wear gloves/eye protection. I highly recommend it!

By John on 01/29/2017

I like the Idea!

It came real fast the only thing is that it has a detachable nozzle. but there was not plug like all tube products that we can't store what we don't use right away. and I can't cut the hole for a smaller bead because the detachable nozzle only comes in one size hole. Ill tell you if it keep the mice out setting some traps in a few days to check. Great appears to detour any rodent Thank You!

By Margaret on 09/21/2018


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