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Professional pest control operators have helped us create a proven application method for getting rid of rats and mice. This simple method requires only three items: 1) one 10-inch long plastic pipe with a 2-inch opening, 2) one tube of Detour Gel for Rats, and 3) one ordinary kitchen butter knife.


  • Pipe tunnels work like entry holes in a wall. They provide a safe space that is secure and protected for rats and mice.
  • Once these rodents enter the pipe tunnel and get the DETOUR GEL FOR RATS on their feet and begin grooming, they immediately experience sharp uncomfortable tingling sensations.
  • Rodents communicate this uncomfortableness to others, and they leave an area in mass.


  • For maximum gel adhesion, clean out the inside of the pipe tunnel to remove any dust.
  • Apply a generous amount of DETOUR GEL FOR RATS onto an ordinary butter knife.
  • Use the butter knife to spread the DETOUR GEL inside of the pipe tunnel starting at one end pipe. Work from the center of the tube and then back towards the entrance.
  • Apply another butter knife full of DETOUR GEL and apply the gel from the other end of the pipe tunnel working from the center back towards the entrance.
  • You should be able to coat the entire the pipe tunnel by applying from each side.
  • Be sure to leave the first ½ inch of each end of the pipe tunnel without any DETOUR GEL. This will invite the rodents to enter the tube tunnel without any obstructions.
  • Using 2-sided scotch tape, secure the loaded pipe tunnel against a wall or other structure. Note: Rodents usually travel close to walls because of their limited eyesight.
  • Also use Hercules putty or silicone adhesive gel or simply place the pipe and secure with anything to hold in place.


Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for your assistance through my first bat job. My knee jerk reaction with bats has always been to not get involved. Bats being protected and loved, the potential extreme reaction from certain sections of the public, along with little knowledge of any successful control practices are enough to keep even a 28 plus years experienced technician away from anything having to do with bats.

After some research and advice from Dr. Ray Thompson about your “green product” I dove into the project here in Marshall Texas. I experienced an eighty percent reduction in bats overnight. A couple of small follow-up applications finished off the job, and the customer and I were very happy. The “Detour for Rodents” provided a win, win, win situation for the City of Marshall Texas, Gecko Pest Control and the bats.

(Detour for Rodents is the same product as the Detour Gel Rat Repellent)

Gecko Pest Control, Marshall, TX.

Loved working with this product Richard I had fantastic results

The use of this product is completely dynamic and changes what the average PCO thinks they know about pest management Tied in with increased trapping units it gives us a non- toxic solution that I like We must set up a call sometime soon.

Mark Wiseman, Pest Management Consultancy, Chelmsford United Kingdom, Albany Environment Services Limited

This works great for me!!

I have had to use this a couple of times and it works. The squirrels/rats are gone in a couple of days. This gets them out of your house without killing them but they don't come back. This is humane for those concerned - I'm not really concerned, but at least they don't tend to die in your attic. Squirrels are cute but not when they are destroying my house. Just be careful and wear gloves/eye protection. I highly recommend it!

By John on 01/29/2017

I like the Idea!

It came real fast the only thing is that it has a detachable nozzle. but there was not plug like all tube products that we can't store what we don't use right away. and I can't cut the hole for a smaller bead because the detachable nozzle only comes in one size hole. Ill tell you if it keep the mice out setting some traps in a few days to check. Great appears to detour any rodent Thank You!

By Margaret on 09/21/2018


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