How is Detour gel rat repellent different from snap, glue traps & poison bait?

How is Detour gel rat repellent different from snap, glue traps & poison bait?

1.Detour Gel Rat Repellent gets rid of rat and mice problems by repelling rodents with a powerful hot chili extract that sticks to their skin. This uncomfortable burning sensation causes these rodents to leave an area in mass. What separates Detour Gel Rat Repellent from other similar products is the strength and lasting power of the active ingredient (capsaicin) and the durability of the patented mineral oil gel formula that won’t melt, freeze or drip in any environment. Detour Gel Rat Repellent is a professional grade rodent repellent that has been used worldwide by pest control operators with the most challenging rodent problems for over 10 years.

2.Snap traps and glue traps are intended to catch a rodent and possibly kill them as well. For do-it-yourself types, this means that they will have to deal with the unpleasant task of removing injured or dying disease-carrying rodents. This also requires regular maintenance to make sure that dead rodents are not decaying and creating a health hazard. Another interesting characteristic of rodents is that they become “trap shy” and avoid going near areas where these types of trapping devices have caused trauma amongst other rodents.

3.Poison bait is designed to kill rodents and they are toxic to the environment. They will also contaminate ground water and potentially cause secondary poisoning to other animals. Poison baits are also dangerous to use around pets, humans, and food. An unwanted situation is when rats or mice ingest poison bait and then die and decay behind a wall or area that a client cannot access. This can create unpleasant odors and present a health risk as well. In the near future, poison rodent baits will most likely be banned from use by the Federal government for health and environmental reasons.

Professional pest control operators will often use Detour Gel Rat Repellent in conjunction with snap traps since our gel causes rodents to become disoriented and run into traps that they would ordinarily avoid. These pros have told us that the Detour Gel Rat Repellent enhances the effectiveness of their traps.

Detour Gel Rat Repellent also has the unique ability that is not shared by any other pest control product. And that is the ability to spread the gel onto other rodents that are not accessible behind walls and in hidden nesting areas. This may be a major reason why rodents disappear in mass after they have made physical contact with the Detour Gel Rat Repellent.

Pest control operators know that Detour Gel Rat Repellent is the only industrial strength EPA-registered rodent repellent that they can use safely and effectively around kitchen, restaurants, food preparation and food storage areas. The NSF-certification gives Detour Gel Rat Repellent this seal of approval for use in these health-sensitive areas.

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