It’s a war...

It’s a war...Your rats have found a place where they have shelter, food, and water and they are very smart So your traps did not work

 With Detour Gel Rat Repellent you are placing it where the rats are traveling so they will get the capsaicin gel on their feet, fur, eyes, and nose. They have found a home so you will need to wait and make sure they travel onto the gel and keep at it until finally they can no longer handle the heat from the capsaicin and leave

 It helps to put peanut butter on top of the tile and flatten it so they have to dig the peanut butter off the tile and get the gel on them and keep replacing until finally they are not taking the peanut butter and you know they are gone. And if the peanut butter is not being removed you need to move the tile or place the gel elsewhere.

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