JFC International Testimonial for PIGNX


Dear Richard
My name is Alan Nakamura and I would like to take this time to tell you that your product  went above and beyond my expectations. We had a problem with sparrows and it was getting out of control. The challenge was that we have a huge facility approximately 200.000sq.ft. and the ceiling is 60ft high. My company wanted a 100% solution that was non-toxic since we are a food distribution company. We also comply with NSF and FDA standards. I had Orkin Bird Control come out and do a proposal on what it would take to  stop this problem. I was looking for a solution that wasn’t toxic and worked well with our budget. I researched good things about PIGNX and asked Orkin if they knew about this product. Fortunately Len Swaverly from Orkin knew about your product and said that he could include this in the service. We also approved several other options to be installed.

The Orkin technicians came out and started the application of PIGNX. The very next day everyone noticed the sparrows acting funny and trying to run and fly against the walls.We the opened the sky lights and as soon as the birds saw the opening they flew out. They were looking for exits. After that the sparrows have been leaving the warehouse as they get  exposed to the product. It took several follow up applications because this is a very large warehouse. We have finally achieved 100% bird eradication and did it in a safe and green manner. I do see sparrows outside the warehouse looking for food, but they do not want to come in. One more important issue is that we had some electrical work done and  the worker was exposed to the product. He simply just washed it off with soap and water and went back to work.

This product is amazing and I am in the process of getting approval for use in all our warehouses, across the United States that has a bird problem. This is the only solution that I have seen work and I have worked in this business for over 20 years. Thanks again for coming to our facility and working with Orkin to help us with this problem.

Alan Nakamura
Health and Safety Compliance JFC International

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