Application Instructions

  •  Use one 10 oz tube for every ten (10) linear feet. Lay down a continuous bead of PIGNX BIO-REPELLENT BIRD GEL in a zigzag pattern using at least a ½ inch bead that will allow the pigeons to easily and frequently step on the gel (larger bead up to 1 inch is acceptable depending on treatment surface characteristics). Use as necessary to treat roosting areas to ensure complete bird dislocation is maintained. Clean and dry surfaces before application for best results. If surface cannot be cleaned before application, PIGNX BIO-REPELLENT BIRD GEL can be applied on top of soiled and damp surfaces if necessary. For best results, clean and wipe dirt from application surfaces prior to application. Do not expose yourself directly to bird feces. Apply to surface areas where pigeons frequent. To ensure thorough coverage, treat areas that pigeons use to roost on, such as those listed on the label.
  • Cut end tube off at the nozzle stem.
  • Screw on applicator nozzle and use directly or cut o nozzle tip for a larger bead halfway down the application nozzle.
  • Load and lock PIGNX BIO-REPELLENT BIRD GEL tube into standard caulking gun.
  • Slowly pull caulking gun trigger. There is very little product resistance - be careful as it can come out of tube.
  • Lay down continuous bead of PIGNX BIO-REPELLENT BIRD GEL in a zigzag pattern so birds will step in gel.

Go to WWW.DETOURGEL.COM for more information and video.

NotePorous Surfaces like concrete, stucco, wood and tile may require a barrier applied to prevent the absorption of mineral oils from the PIGNX BIO-REPELLENT BIRD GEL . If the product becomes hardened you know that it has been absorbed. See SEALING POROUS SURFACE.