Prevents nesting and expensive wire damage to: Car, Trucks, Boats, RV's, Farm Equipment & more

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Car Engine Rodent Repellent Gel
Car Engine Rodent Repellent Gel
Car Engine Rodent Repellent Gel
Car Engine Rodent Repellent Gel
Car Engine Rodent Repellent Gel
Car Engine Rodent Repellent Gel
Car Engine Rodent Repellent Gel
Car Engine Rodent Repellent Gel
Car Engine Rodent Repellent Gel

Car Engine Rodent Repellent Gel

$29.99 USD

Pest & Rodent Repellent for Cars

Rodents can sometimes infest vehicles, such as cars, lorries, tractors, and even other various types of equipment with engines. Car repellent for rodents can be tricky and ineffective when applied properly or if the product isn't up to the task at hand. Our Car Engine Rodent RTerpllent Gel is tried, tested, and extremely effective. Not only that but it is also completely natural and non-toxic. Apply the gel with a caulking gun, get into hard-to-reach places, set, and forget. Once applied you can leave our gel to do its job as the natural chili ingredient will cause the rodents to flee and not return to their nests.


Use by pest control operators and professional exterminators. Car Engine Rodent Repellent is made to protect your car, truck, recreational vehicle or tractors, anything with cable or hoses.

 Car Engine Rodent Repellent Gel is not a gimmick. It is a professional-grade pest control solution for any destructive rodent problem. Unlike other rodent repellents, our gel is EPA- Registered, NSF-Certified & U.S. Patented.

  • SAVE YOURSELF THOUSANDS IN REPAIR COSTS - Car Engine Rodent Repellent Gel protects your vehicle, boat, and machine wiring and engine compartments from pests that can cause damage requiring expensive repairs.
  • WORKS ON ANYTHING WITH A MOTOR OR WIRING-This versatile, all-natural, non-toxic, EPA-registered product is perfect Tor use on cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, farm equipment, tractors, RVs, motorcycles and
    more—it's a MUST for electric vehicles.
  • EFFECTIVE AGAINST ALL TYPES OF PESTS - Prevenls gnawing, nesting, and chewing from mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, snakes, and more!
  • ALL-WEATHER US-PATENTED GEL FORMULA - It’s a powerful food-grade mineral oil gel formula that does not melt, drip, or freeze under any conditions—hot, cold, wet, or dusty.
  • CREATED BY PROFESSIONAL EXTERMINATORS - Our product is "NSF-Certified Safe" and effective. It makes use of powerful pharmaceutical-grade capsaicin (chili pepper) that is safer than dangerous toxic pesticides and sends rodents away for good!
  • EXTRAORDINARY VALUE - One caulking tube will protect up to two vehicles with a single application that can last up to two years! Unlike "gimmicky" scented spray deterrents, our powerful professional-grade gel formula stays highly potent and effective for the entire time.

-SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We stand by our products; we've
perfected our formula through years of use by professional pest control operators worldwide and are confident that you will see outstanding results when our product is used as directed

CAR ENGINE RODENT REPELLENT GEL is an NSF-Certified. US-Patented. 100%non-toxic, all-weather,chemical-tree, contact repellent gel that has been proven to repel and deter rats and mice from congregating and returning to a home, business, warehouse, factory, workplace, or other structures. With its NSF certification, this gel has been considered safe to use in health-sensitive areas such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, convenience stores, schools, food storage rooms, and food preparation areas.

Note: This product is EPA-registered under the name of Detour Gel for Rats (EPA #84418-1).

NEW INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY: Our biotechnology combines
pharmaceutical-grade organic capsaicin, a natural component of hot chili peppers, with our proprietary clear, odorless, non-staining, weatherproof food-grade mineral oil gel that provides long-lasting protection from rodents such as rats and mice. Our gel's superior durability and adhesion allow application on almost any surface and in hot, cold, wet, and dusty environments.

HOW IT WORKS: This product contains pharmaceutical-grade capsaicin that incites a strong irritant on rodents once they make physical contact with the product. These rodents then carry the gel to nearby nesting areas where their natural grooming habits cause them to further spread the distressing gel. This produces a fast-fleeing response in nearby rodents. The stress of the hot pepper gel creates confusion among the rodents and enhances the effectiveness of existing glue traps and snap traps.

*This product requires a caulking gun to dispense the product.


Features and Specs

For use in Along walls, runways, vent screens, A/C ducts, holes in walls, holes in sidings, floor drains, doorways, and grease traps.
Also, place DeTour Gel For Rats around both sides of the doors to seal and create a barrier. (Apply around the door on each side, not across the door). Apply under-counter, on pipes, in holes, crevices, window sills, and electrical conduits. Surfaces may be wet, dusty, greasy, oily, frosty, or filled with foreign materials. Also for cars, trucks, recreational vehicles or tractors, anything with cable or hoses.
Application Remove the cap and cut the nozzle at a 45-degree angle to the desired bead size. Apply DeTour Sealant to cracks and crevices, corners, and along edges of walls completely filling the cracks and crevices or holes. Wipe off the excess product to prevent people from coming into contact with the product. For difficult-to-reach areas, apply DeTour Gel For Rats into a dish or tray and use a form disposable brush for application.
Pet safe Yes, when used as directed by the label.
Shipping Weight 0.76 lbs
Manufacturer Bio Repellent Scientific Industries
UPC 752830464759

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