Equi-Stop Wood Chewing Repellent Gel for Horses



WHAT IS EQUI-STOP? Equi-Stop is a clinically proven, veterinarian-used and rancher approved 100% natural chewing repellent. It is a non-toxic, food-grade mineral oil (the stuff they use to relieve colic) that has been thickened into a grease gel. We then mix in organic capsaicin, which is the ingredient that makes chili peppers HOT. Equi-Stop is completely safe for horses.

WHAT DOES EQUI-STOP DO? It is guaranteed to stop horse chewing, which is a significant problem that affects the health of these animals. Chewing and cribbing also causes damage to trees, barns, fences, posts and other wooden structures. This can lead to expensive damage and repairs to property.

HOW TO APPLY: Simply apply to the areas where the horses are or where they may chew. A one half-inch bead of Equi-Stop along the wood is usually enough to stop horses from chewing. For large areas, apply a few parallel beads an inch or two apart. Once the product is applied, you can leave it as a bead or spread it flat with a putty knife. Equi-Stop will keep horses from chewing bandages as well. Please remember that the product will remain as a grease gel, and as such, it is easily transferred to humans, who may come in physical contact with the bandage.

HERE’S WHAT BOB PETERS, A LICENSED VETERINARIAN, SAID ABOUT HIS EXPERIENCE WITH EQUI-STOP: "I applied this product to wood fencing on my farm. It immediately stopped all fence chewing. Actually, our horses were still not chewing on the fence months later. In my equine vet practice, I have applied it to the outside of bandages a couple of times now on ‘bandage chewers.’  Same result—it flat stopped them immediately.  This is even more impressive since I have tried grocery store hot sauce products in the past with no effect at all."


100% NON-TOXIC INGREDIENTS: Patented food-grade mineral oil mixed with organic capsaicin

APPLY EQUI-STOP ON: Wood, barns, stalls, fences, manes, tails, bandages, trailers, trees, lead ropes

EQUI-STOP IS USED BY: Horse owners, veterinarians, ranchers, and championship riders

PROBLEMS SOLVED: Safely stops equine chewing problems, cribbing and windsucking

U.S. PATENT-PROTECTED: Equi-Stop is an all-weather gel formula that won’t freeze, drip or melt

MADE IN CALIFORNIA: One of the highest standards for environmental and product safety in the world

EQUI-STOP WORKS! We absolutely guarantee the success of this product when used as directed


Features and Specs      

Active Ingredient

Capsaicin .0357%

Target pests

Horses and other animals


To repel horses and other animals from chewing on wood, bandages, or other materials

Shipping Weight

0.75 lbs