How to Repel Mice & Rats Naturally

Mice are a big turn off for many landlords, property and business owners . They can cause property damage, spread disease, and are generally unpleasant to have around the house. So then, what would be the most effective method to rid your house or building?

You could build traps or use poison but we believe in treating animals humanely and without causing harm. So we look to more natural methods, such as a rodent repellent gel. Natural repellent gels repel these pests naturally without using any harmful chemicals, and efficiently drive away rodents from these problem areas.

There are DIY solutions you can try but you'll soon find that there's no quick fix when dealing with pesky critters like rats, if your infestation is serious enough. If left unchecked their population will grow until all available space has been taken over by furry little creatures - not good!

Our pest control products work efficiently, naturally and cost-effectively. Whether you have a serious infestation of rodents or just want to ensure that you never have any future pest problems, our natural products are for you. We do of course have a lot of advice to give when it comes to pest control, so below are a few of our top suggestions for repelling mice & rats naturally the best you can.

Repelling mice with natural DIY solutions

Cats & dogs

Using natural predators such as cats or dogs is one effective method of rodent control. A cat is one of the most powerful hunters, encouraging your cat to explore and seek inside and around your property may help you to get him/her to perform pest control for you! A dog will of course do very much the same thing, however owning a pet like this is life changing in itself and not everyone has a feline or canine friend to handle pest control for them.



Mint is a well-known home treatment for mouse infestations. Simply hang mint leaves in areas where you've observed mice to activity and they will keep away! You may also combine these with lavender, rosemary cedarwood eucalyptus citronella clove or wintergreen essential oils as an extra protection against pesky pests that want nothing more than your food source.

Lavender Oil

Mice are pesky creatures, and they can be a real pain to deal with. There's no shortage of DIY repellents online that you could try out - some even use lavender oil! Essentially it boils down to adding the below ingredients into a spray bottle, giving it a good shake and then spraying the infested area(s). 

Ingredients - two cups water, three teaspoons salt ,one teaspoon lavender oil, cinnamon powder.


Why Use non-toxic rodent repellent?

These natural pest control solutions may work for very mild infestations and may work well for a time, but in order to keep rodents away forever, the repellent it needs to stick around the applied area for long enough. Which is why we created a unique and completely natural rodent repellent gel that sticks around for a long time, repelling rodents forever, from any applied area.

Pest repellents are a great way to keep away pesky rodents such as rats and mice. One of the most common methods for mouse & rat removal is by trapping them. The problem with traditional mouse traps is the danger of loved ones being hurt such as our pets or children, because anyone could step on them by accident! Some use poison as well, but that may also harm other animals in your home like dogs and cats if you're unsure about whether they may consume it by accident.

There aren't many safe commercial solutions available, but our pest control products and solutions are completely safe to use. They're safe to use around your pets, your family and they're 100% safe. You can check out some of our testimonials and videos, we even have case studies to show how effective and safe our products are.

We hope this article has been helpful in repelling rodents away from your property naturally and safely. 

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